Sunday, March 26, 2006


A Simple Start

So this is my first entry.
I've been thinking of doing this for a while but I am basically a private person who doesn't talk a lot about themselves. Maybe this will give me a way to express what I've been thinking about.
Who knows?

What was I thinking of today? Well I was at Starbucks picking up a coffee and was struck by how alien it is to normal coffee shops. The fellow in front of me was having a hard time ordering his drink. It was evident that he hadn't been there before and just wanted something with caramel in it. Unfortunately he got a trainee attendant (or whatever they call them) who was a bit dumbstruck with someone asking for help. Eventually, after ordering a cold drink and wanting a hot one, an experienced employee slid in to help. Very polite, providing a refund, and whipping up just what he wanted. Will the guy come back, probably. He was dumped into an unfamiliar environment and someone helped him out, provided some tasty refreshment and was pleasent.

This is how I think Starbucks has grown so large and encroached into the mainstream despite their high prices. They provide a taste of the alien, the exotic, while coddling you all the while in a comfort zone.

I go there because, in general, coffee in England sucks.

The bullet of the day:
5.56mm Improved Penetration

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